Nurses Limited OB Training Course

Is your pregnancy care center ready to add ultrasound services? Do you know what is required? Is your board of directors fully committed?

Going Medical—Start to Finish answers these and many more questions to make sure you are prepared and confident as you move ahead to give your clients an opportunity to let their unborn “audition for their own lives”.

Going Medical—Start to Finish is a three day program designed to provide the information and knowledge needed to implement ultrasound services in your pregnancy care center.

Evaluation, Goals, Steps and Solutions

Evaluation: Is your facility ready, do you need to make any changes or upgrades? What size room is needed for the ultrasound system?

Goals: What do you want to accomplish with adding ultrasound? Is your community ready? Do you have a doctor committed to assisting? Are there nurses in the community available to volunteer?

Steps: The on site facilitator will review the following areas.

A. Facility B. Administration C. Equipment D. Personnel E. Required Training F. Policies and Procedures G. Board of Directors Review

The three day site visit looks something like this:

Day 1: Half day travel; half day touring facility, meeting director, staff and volunteers.

Day 2: Meeting with volunteer doctor, nurses and nurse manager to review requirements, commitment and training. Meet with Board Chairman to review board commitment and concerns. Review policies and procedures with director. Provide mini board training during evening.

Day 3: Half Day; meet with director to review process and address any unanswered question. Half day, travel.This program can make the transition process much easier. Know what is needed and plan an implementation schedule specifically for your center.

For current pricing and to schedule your site visit contact John McCastle, Director of Operations at 254-760-8384, or e-mail at john@sonogramsnow.com

Information will also be available at our booths at the Heartbeat International and Care Net conferences. Stop by and introduce yourself. Printable Brochure: HERE (.pdf)